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Psalm 139: Hope and Healing for Abortion Recovery

This book is a beautiful and powerful message of hope, healing, and restoration to those who are suffering from the result of an abortion decision. If abortion has somehow painfully touched your life, this book is a must-read. Are you or do you know someone who is hurting, suffering, and living with the shame and regret that can come with abortion? Maybe even a family member or friend? God wants you to be free from the guilt, shame, and regret that live in the corners of your mind. He never designed us to live in fear, dread, shame, and torment. He wants you to understand that He knows He was there and forgives.

Take a Journey With Lorna

Lorna invites you to take a journey with her, using Psalm 139 as the road map to healing, forgiveness, and ultimate freedom! Lorna knows your pain; she said that her abortion decision in 1983 was the worst decision of her life. She found love, forgiveness, and freedom from shame through God's word, and now she shares this message far and wide with anyone living with this pain. She states, "In this message, I sense the Father's heart, longing for His children to return to Him, and to stop hiding from Him. He is love, and He is forgiveness. He gave me this message to share far and wide. Not only that, but he has great plans for you; freedom is only a prayer away." Follow my Facebook page for regular updates and more information regarding my book.

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Psalm 139: Hope and Healing for Abortion Recovery Study Guide

This book is the small group study guide for the “Psalm 139: Hope and Healing for Abortion Recovery” book. This book includes Group Leader instructions. It can also be used individually for deeper healing on abortion recovery.